basic informations

The building at Národní 41 dates back to the 1990s, and in 2015 it underwent a complete reconstruction of the interior and renovation of the inner atrium in order to provide maximum comfort for highly demanding clients and their lifestyle. This nine-story building is situated in one of the most prestigious locations in the center of Prague, and in addition to excellent transportation accessibility, it also offers parking options in underground garages.

The layout of this space was designed to satisfy both tenants in enclosed offices and those who prefer open space.

Public Transportation


New Building


Carpets Suspended ceilings
Built-in lights
EPS sensors with evacuation
announcement system


Air conditioning built into the ceiling
Cooling, heating by air conditioning
Possibility to control temperature for individual offices
Openable windows
Outdoor blinds with electric control


High-voltage and low-voltage wiring
Option to connect fixed lines
Option to connect ISDN
EPS sensors with evacuation announcement


24-hour access
Reception and security
Entry with controlled magnetic cards
Camera system

Historical building

It is a very valuable Renaissance building from the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, which is listed in the List of immovable cultural monuments and is located in the territory of the Prague Monument Reserve, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The house is built on the site of a former parkan, an Old Town fortification built in the 1330s. Preserved bay windows, painted ceilings, wooden floors, and a staircase with classical railing – all these signify the historical value of the property.

Clients looking for an attractive location, luxury, and privacy in a standalone building will especially appreciate the original architecture and atmosphere. Future tenants will have access to a 24-hour reception, tasteful atrium, and parking directly in the underground garages of the modern building.

The possibility of utilization

Narodni 41

Národní 41, Praha 1

he multifunctional building in the center of Prague offers retail units on the ground floor, six floors for offices, and a Renaissance historical building in the courtyard.
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Ehlen´s House

28. října 767/12, Praha 1

A multifunctional atrium building in the very center of Prague offers three floors for retail, three floors for offices, and one floor for apartments.
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Palace ARA

28. října 371/1, Praha 1

Multifunctional building with 9 above-ground and 2 underground floors, where you can find office, commercial, and storage spaces.
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Jungmannovo nám. 8, Praha 1

Building constructed in 1890. After a sensitive reconstruction, it offers 870 m2 of office space and 360 m2 of commercial space.
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